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Minion earbuds are absurdly cute

Minion EarbudsNot so much a review as this got sent to me and I felt the need to say if you’ve got a kid wanting Minion earbuds, these might be what you’re looking for.

They evidently come in three different styles, the difference is the center minion is either holding a microphone, waving, or has its hands at its hips.

Judging by the comments if your child’s an audiophile these are not the minion headsets you’re looking for, but if they just love the Minions, go for it.

Link below takes you to the A,B, and C options for the headsets. They run between $0.99 and $5.50 and don’t include shipping as far as I can tell so that $0.99 one is going to run you about $8 probably.

But it’s the freakin’ Minions… and they’re freakin’ CUUUUTE… and Minion Earbuds… yeah.

All the usuals apply: obviously don’t give a baby as they love choking themselves, make sure you’ve got a volume limiter as these evidently can push volumes that can hurt ears at prolonged times, read the reviews before you make a purchase because these may contain aspartame.


Paul King

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