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Barely verbal toddler is telling jokes

Microphone from PixabayI got this piece posted on my Facebook about babies being tiny comedians and realized that Maggie’s been exhibiting this behavior for a while now, although it only just graduated into a joke/punchline sort of thing.

She’s learned to say “I poo” or “I pooped” somewhat to describe any condition in which she thinks she might need a diaper change. These are wet diaper, poopy diaper, if she farts and thinks there might be follow through or perhaps it’s an event we might be interested in knowing about before smelling.

Last week she started saying “I poo” quite a bit shortly after a change. I thought perhaps there had been a second event so I asked her “you pooped?” and she looked at me for a second, tried to hold a straight face, cracked up and started laughing.

Yes, my baby had lied to me about taking a crap to pull a joke on me. I laughed when I figured it out, and she laughed that it took me so long to get it. She tried a couple more times that day pulling it, but seemed to realize she was going to have up up the game if she was going to get the same reaction again.

So the next time I changed her diaper, she took a few steps, squatted, grunted and said “I pooooooo.” Yup, poop’s funny at a little before two years old. I had to laugh at the waiting to go until I changed her.

Freakin’ comedian.

Oddly looking at that article I linked above, it’s pretty bad with a couple of the things being standard play, not comedy, and some being mimicking, not proactive joke telling.

She’s pretty decent at the poop jokes, my guess is she’ll have a deal with a couple of the XM comedy stations as soon as she learns to be slightly less funny.

Paul King

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