Schylling Alphabet Blocks review

Schylling Alphabet Blocks

Maggie has been playing with her blocks since we got them, and for some reason they have to be in a particular order for her to be happy, so she spends a lot of time just reorganizing them and getting grumpy when you try to tell her what she’s holding.

Schylling Alphabet Blocks

While there are the missing letters in the other print and pressing sides, it would have been nice to have a complete alphabet in one font… as it stands the picture I have is abcdefghijklmn.p..s……. with five Gs for some reason.

Not that Maggie is going to notice for a while, but I think it would probably help if there were complete sets of matching fonts, even if there was only one.

The set comes with a plastic lid to keep the blocks in, but it’s pretty easy to defeat, and our blocks we picked up cheap because of the lid rail being broken. So evidently it’s easy to damage the box.

As wooden blocks go, they’re good. I just wish there was at least one block of everything in every font. That would make them just about perfect.

The Schylling Alphabet Blocks are available on Amazon for $11.99. They’re worth it even if I do have some hangups on the alphabet spread.

3.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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