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McDonalds recalls Hello Kitty whistle

McDonald's Hello Kitty whistleIt seems anything we run across in real life these days gets recalled, and such is the case with the Hello Kitty whistle that McDonalds bundled with their Happy Meals. If you’re on of those horrible parents who went to McDonalds for a Happy Meal, this recall is for you.

Anyhow, the usual issues so far apply: choking hazard, easily detachable pieces, etc.

So far two reports have come out of the 2.3 million Chinese-manufactured plastic toys of children coughing up parts of a detached Hello Kitty whistle.

The toys came with Happy Meals October-November 2014 and are made so cheaply they break, which was a requirement I think of any Happy Meal toy when I was a kid.

The suggested remedy take the whistle away and return to any McDonalds for a free replacement and a yogurt tube and a bag of apple slices for your child’s heartbreak over having Hello Kitty taken from their grasp.

Full details of the recall are in the CPSC link below.


Paul King

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