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Leatherman knife/saw/scissors multi tool recalled due to laceration hazard – no duh

Leatherman® Leap™ multi-toolLast week it was a gun cleaning kit recalled for not meeting child safety standards, this week it’s the Leatherman Leap multi-tool.

This tool includes a saw, can opener, what appears to be a fish gutting knife, wire clippers, dual-pointy things I can’t figure out (tweezers? eye gougers?). You can also attach a knife to it.

The issue with this is the lock mechanism of the optional 420HC (High Carbon… obviously someone was high when they made this,) knife blade can inadvertently release the knife.

Really though, who names a product 420 anything these days without meaning weed? Evidently Leatherman.

Wow, I come from the 70’s… a time when seatbelts were considered a passing fad. Even then you didn’t give one of these to kids. You gave them a crappy knock-off Swiss Army Knife what you might be able to hurt someone if you tried.

Eh, I’m old… this just seems like it was a tool for losing one’s eyes.

Click the link below for the CPSC info on it. Has who to contact. Man…. I’ve got an adult Leatherman and with how many parts it’s fallen into and nearly lacerated me, I wouldn’t ever let a kid around anything they make.


Paul King

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