Tiggly Counts apps now free&live in the App Store

Tiggly Counts is a pre-school math development app suite and a physical component that allows children to physically interact through the use of Tiggly Counts sticks with an otherwise virtual iPad application.

Tiggly Addventure

We covered one of Tiggly’s other products (Tiggly Shapes,) a while back which my 18 month old is fascinated by.

We’ve had the Tiggly Counts sticks in hand for a bit, but unfortunately have been experiencing an issue with the pre-release software distribution, which was ok because these are aimed at a slightly older kiddo than I’ve got with me, and it’s been a busy few weeks.

Tiggly Cardtoons

Now however all of the Tiggly Counts software is available in the App Store. This includes:

The currently 5-star rated Tiggly AddventureTiggly Cardtoons, and Tiggly Chef (which isn’t quite 5 stars).

Tiggly Chef

It appears that the full games are not unlockable on these until you have the physical toy to go along with it, but you can probably get a pretty good idea whether this would be for your child or not. I’ll play with these tonight and see what the deal is.

If you are interested in purchasing the product, Tiggly Counts is now available at Amazon for $29.99 and is most likely worth it in the long run. The Tiggly Shapes certainly have been (from a non-intended baby toy to a learning toy, they survived teething with only moderate cleaning required).

Paul King

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