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Let’s see where this rabbit hole leads then…

Maggie at Shopryland
Maggie at Shopryland

There really has not been a lot of note lately. Maggie’s gone from rear facing to front-facing in my car, this is not by choice. Unfortunately it’s by Honda Element design. The rear seats are impossible to place a baby rear-facing unless the seat detaches like the Graco Snugride 32 we had did.

Maggie’s now over the max weight and putting her into the snugride was getting into sausage stuffing levels. Front facing is not particularly where we wanted to be, but for longer trips we can take ITMama’s car and that we’re still able to rear-face her.

We’ve got Tiggly Counts, but due to her age and problems we’ve been running into with the preview software installer (you won’t have these issues) we’ve not done much with that. Also it’s really a good year ahead of where she’s at developmentally at the moment.

She’s shooting up like a weed, starting to say words, in a bit of a hitting phase, sleeps through the night, and all those toys that she’s ignored for the past year are starting to get played with.

She likes a bit of TV every couple of days now. She generally prefers to do something as opposed to watch something, however if she’s drinking milk I find I can get her to finish the bottle off if there’s something interesting on, although once the bottle’s done I think she’s done with the TV as well.

She’s learned where the power buttons are for all the phones in the house, although she has not yet mastered the unlock yet she’s found a way to get into ITMama’s phone. That seems to be her jam: moving icons, deleting hangouts messages, dialing grandma, uninstalling programs, and sending emails and text using nothing more than the predictive text capabilities of the phone which sometimes really read interestingly.

As such, not a terribly lot to write about. Haven’t abandoned the site, just haven’t purchased or received anything new. Supposed to be getting a review unit of a baby monitoring bracelet this month, but not heard back on that yet.

Only other thing happening is that two completely unrelated babies I know, one of which I’ve never met, both seem to be having night terrors. I’ve got to check one of their baby cam to make sure nobody was hacking it and screaming at the kid, but the other I think may be genetic.

This blog would be so much easier if I sold out and shilled…

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