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Baby sleeping all the time now

Maggie meets the birdsAt nearly 19 months Maggie has something new going on, and that is she’s pretty much ready to go to bed after being awake a total of eight hours. The routine now seems to be wake up a very sleepy baby at seven AM, get her to daycare, she sleeps for two hours there, pick her up yawning and sleepy at fiveish, and by six she’s making motions to go to sleep.

We kept her up to 6:40 last night, there really wasn’t much happy left in that child. From the time we got her home to the time she went to bed, everything was a struggle. Bath time was an epic meltdown trying to get her out, she dove into her bed when she could, and slept with only one interruption of wanting rocked a little bit, one one “I can’t find my dolly,” that happened later in the night.

From seven pm to seven am she is sleeping now. I find myself waking up a lot because I don’t hear her.

Her diet doesn’t seem to matter. We can feed her incredibly healthy food, or she can have grabbed some candy and be scarfing it down, this baby is tired.

She’s in the middle of three canines coming in, I’d assume the fourth is somewhere behind them but it’s not poked its head out yet. Developmentally she’s still jabbering away and has been communicating simple ideas via sign language, pointing, and some language.

She signs “more” for anything to drink or eat. You can see her very deliberately signing it, but you have to then say a few things until she lights up that that’s what she wants. “Milk? no… juice? yes… allright”.

At nearly nineteen months she has next to no interest in TV now that she’s dedicated her life to chaos. Stack three blocks up and baby chaos machine comes along to tear them down.

Maybe all this chaos is where the tiredness comes in, but my guess is we’re at either a growth spurt or yet another developmental milestone in which we’ll be getting the next round of sleeplessness.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.