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My morning talk with the Department of Health

RotavirusI got a call today while at work from the Metro Health Department. Evidently the thing that’s downed Maggie’s daycare and kept her at home since Tuesday is rotavirus.

I was on the phone for I’m guessing 30 minutes with the Health Department as they asked a series of questions about what had happened. I also learned we were one of the few that took our child to the doctor, she hadn’t heard of anything to do with strep which Maggie tested positive for on Tuesday. It also wasn’t what they’re looking for in their diaper digging so it was a useful tidbit.

It was really odd, if I hadn’t handled Maggie’s daycare dropping off and picking up all last week due to Kim’s back being shot I don’t think I would have had much of a clue on most of the questions.

Evidently knowing the brand and model of drink cup along with the days it got taken home and washed is information that not a lot of parents have on hand.

Maggie’s been inoculated against rotavirus three times now, so have most of her classmates. For the ones that weren’t many are in the hospital, while the ones that were inoculated are just crapping themselves/sometimes horking. Prepared immune system response vs unaware.

Maggie tested positive for strep on Tuesday, I found out that some people in the building I work were out last week due to a strepadimic.

We’re at a point where we’re treating her strep infection with antibiotics while the rotavirus is also kicking her ass, so not an ideal situation (never use antibiotics during a virus, system doesn’t learn is what I’ve read.) but that’s that.

Maggie will be spending another three days at home at least. She’s happy, if crappy, eating like it’s her last meal all day (I guess it explodes out an hour or so later,) and has resulted in the only time the Health Department has ever called me.

Also, more baby product reviews soon, it’s just been a craptastic week 🙂

Paul King

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