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17 months: drama queen, clingy, lover of all things

Nuclear OptionA loud bang, a thud, you rush into the room, there’s a man down screaming on the ground that he’s in agony, there’s a nurse just standing there doing nothing. This is what it feel like a lot of the times with the now 17 months Maggie.

Note – long meandering post that doesn’t really go anywhere, but you can see Maggie’s only commercial photo shoot to date down below.

We’ve learned the word “no” can turn an otherwise happy baby into a raving lunatic crying on the ground for no other reason than you didn’t want her playing with a remote control with fingers completely encased in applesauce. She has also learned just how to make noise when she goes down – from slapping a hand on a table to a light thunk of baby head on a floor. Just enough to make you concerned, not enough to hurt herself.

Possibly related to that she’s extremely huggy and affectionate, sometimes clingy. There will be times when I get her out of the crib she just wants to hug me for a minute or two before we get milk or change diapers.

I’m always a bit suspicious that the hugging and love may be her attempts at bribery later on. Love you now, I get that remote control later sort of deal. Then again I’m not certain.

We had an event the other night where she was out playing until about 7pm. 7pm is her bedtime and we’ve learned you adhere to the bedtime or you get some weird results. She’d probably walked almost half a mile playing on a playground earlier and was into freakishly exhausted desperate for sleep baby and we let her pass out on the ride home.

I’m more reminded of a no-rules backyard MMA match than co-sleeping.

A very fitful sleep ensued, several wakeups, finally she woke at 3am and had to come “sleep” with us. There wasn’t much sleeping as she felt the need to grab hold of us by the eyeballs, or throw her head back headbutting you out of the blue, etc. I’m more reminded of a no-rules backyard MMA match than co-sleeping.

The next day was the world’s saddest baby. And when she came back from school we attempted all things normal but there was no saving this day, it was a loss and ended up an early bedtime because of sleep desperation.

She slept 12 & 1/2 hours, woke up, and was a person I recognize as opposed to a violent set of reactions. Still a bit clingy, but cute huggy.

Chubby Bunny Baby Food shoot

Random note – ran across Maggie’s photos from the Chubby Bunny Baby Food shoot – they’re pretty amusing and you can go over there and see what they look like… good if you’re looking for either fresh organic local baby food in Nashville, or onesies with a brand on them.

Another random note – I’m generally wary of bloggers who have their children professionally photo shot, but Maggie spent the entire time attacking an apple and holding squeezy pouches that she loves in every day life. It was also 12 blocks from the house and she got to play with other babies.

IE let it be known my photos are taken with a cell phone…

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