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Top 6 comic book adult/baby onesies on Amazon for August 2014

For those familiar with the top-x category here just skip to the pictures. For those who aren’t, these are the top whatever number I find geeky onesies available on Amazon that are available right now and that have not appeared in a previous top-x posting.

Unless otherwise noted, if you click one of them it’s got my tracking tag on it. If you don’t feel that we should get a referral fee and that buck or two should go back to Amazon, locate the part of the link that says “&tag=tib06-20” and remove it and anything behind it. You should then be safe in not giving us a referral.

On to the geekery:

JLA blocks onesie on Amazon


The JLA blocks infant snapsuit will teach your child at an early age that Batman is always on top, and establishes a clear chain of who would win in a fight. Hint: Green Lantern’s always going to lose.


For the parents who long for death but wish their child to be raised by a butler alone in a creepy mansion there’s the “I’m Batman” onesie which establishes very early on that you’re interested in your child relentlessly pursuing your murderers while forsaking all interests outside of vengeance.

That or you just thought it was cute.

Batman is not cute.

Archie Babies-Betty Cooper

What better way to start your precious little girl off out into the world than by branding her with the baby image of a girl who grows up to fall in love with a redheaded man who selfishly can’t commit to one or the other of his incredible girlfriends.

Yes, you’ll set her off on a path of being best friends with the woman that may or may not have slept with the man she loves with all her heart.

Even in his dying words, Archie still was a dick as both Betty and Veronica were over his body and he said:

But whatever… there’s always the Afterlife with Archie


If you want your child to grow up being the best he is at what he does, but what he does isn’t pretty, be constantly late for anything, and have a tendency toward anger issues, this onesie of the perfect fit on all sides.

Marvel Comics Captain America Hooded Masked Onesie Pajama

Yeah, so this is more of an adult jumpsuit than a onesie, but it fits. Well, if you get the right size.

I’m a bit perplexed by the hooded pajamas, but I guess if you’re into that….

Iron Man Men's All Jumpsuit

What better way to tell your household that you’re a total badass than by being barefoot and repulsorless Tony Stark? “I’d save you, but this absurd generator that keeps my heart running and can power a small city is a bit low on juice, and I have to pee.”

Yeah, that’s one thing that I wondered about with the new series – he needs an electromagnet in his chest to keep the shrapnel away, but that could be powered by a cell phone battery. He puts the Arc Reactor in there and every time he’s exhausted the armor he has a heart attack.

Seems like he’d have figured that part out…


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