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The end of week one of the new daycare

Tired baby is tired post daycare
Tired baby is tired post daycare

Maggie supposedly ate everything yesterday, which was a first. She’s been relatively free range at home for the past few months – she gets hungry you know it and feed her. We haven’t even been using the high chair because she feeds herself from a coffee table without much mess or fuss.

That doesn’t work when she’s at daycare. They confine her to a chair to minimize the mess. I’d probably attempt to get them to let her eat elsewhere if it weren’t for them having infinity children in the room and that being an unattainable goal. So Maggie’s having to learn to eat while confined. She hates being confined for anything.

I’m still uncertain about what I think about this new place. Maggie doesn’t seem to be injured in any way coming home, but she does not want to leave our arms when we drop her off. I’m not entirely sure if that’s fear of the daycare, not wanting to leave us, or we’re just more interesting that what happens over nine hours of daycare.

Maggie came home yesterday a bit early. I let her rest a bit hoping she’d have more energy for when mama came home, but that didn’t seem to be the case as she was down at a normal hour and so passed out she didn’t stir when lightning struck a block away.

She woke up last night about 4:40am and wanted to be held and not put down for anything. I was too tired at that point to argue the point (bad night of sleep for me,) and she came upstairs for a bit where she flopped around like a dying trout, pulled from the water, hoping to get back into it.

After about 30 minutes of trying to sleep with a fishy flopper I took her back downstairs and ignored her cries for about two minutes and she was out until 7am this morning.

I’m feeling vaguely traumatized that I can’t pop in on webcam and check on the baby, supposedly they purchased a system that allows you to do just that at the daycare, but they don’t have passwords and that was two directors ago. I may have to go offer to fix it for them.

It’s weird having less than an hour in the morning and then maybe an hour at night of baby after two months of baby access any time.

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