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Daycare T+3 hungry, sleepy baby ensues

Maggie with the Tennessee State FlagMaggie’s on day three of daycare today. She slept pretty badly last night with a lot of tossing and turning, which might have been because I think she ate all her meals after she got back from the daycare.

She’s not particularly fond of eating in a chair, and this is not something we’ve ever forced on her as she eats at the coffee table without incident or much mess. This combined with the newness of this daycare to her is evidently causing rather short naps and picking at the food.

When she got home yesterday she downed a bottle of Odwalla, 3/4ths of a bottle of milk, 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich, a whole mandarin orange I’m guessing, half a pack of Gerber green mush, a Yo-Kids yogurt stick, some Pirate’s Booty, and it seems like a few other things.

Baby was hungry… report claimed she ate “some” on what they gave her, but we’ll see how it goes today. She was a little low on fluids based on diaper surveys, but didn’t seem the worse for wear other than a tiny scratch which looked like it might have been another toddler.

I started reading reviews of the place she’s going. All of these reviews were written after I was initially creeped out by the place but before the current administration/set of instructors, so it’s a pretty negative set.

I’m unsure at the moment if my apprehension is with giving this place a second chance, or the changes that have happened between when Maggie was accepted and finally got in. Or maybe it’s just I miss my baby being with someone I know I can trust.

It’s also the first time I’ve dropped her off at a daycare and had her cling to me like her life depended on it. At her old daycare she’d recognize the caregivers and didn’t complain. Then again, she’s only been here three days. It just feels weird on top of all my former (evidently founded,) misgivings.

We’ve decided to mix it up, me and ITMama – I’ll drop her off one day, she’ll pick up, and vice versa. We’re hoping this will show her that both of us want her there and that it’s not one of us forcing her to go and one “rescuing” her.

Wish I could reason with the baby mind and let her know that it’s daycare with other babies and activities, or sit quietly bored in a server room as daddy attempts to do this, that, or the other project.

Maggie woke up sometime around 5am to complain about something… she didn’t go on long enough to get me up, which meant the complaints were her mumbling, flipping about the crib, mumbling some more, and then settling down. When I got up at 7am to get her up and started I actually ended up moving and changing a mostly asleep baby.

Got her to daycare a little earlier than the last time, which hopefully means she’ll be less apprehensive at breakfast and maybe eat something for a change.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.