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Daycare and the resultant sleepless night

Maggie on FridayA long time ago we checked out this daycare we’re at now. ITMama liked it and I had the creeps from the director of the place. Rather than taking it we passed and went on to use ITMama’s work daycare, which we discovered when her contract wasn’t renewed was a terrible choice.

At a random baby fight pit we discovered that there had been an overhaul of the place with the director being let go along with a couple of the workers. We decided to check into that again as this was an option that is within walking distance of our house and other than a couple of minor issues with the place I was more eased by knowing that director was gone.

We had a meeting with the new director I guess a month and a half back, she’d been in for a month or two at this point and during the tour I felt much less creeped out.

We had about 45 days worth of time from getting Maggie a space to actually dropping her off. During that time we had contact a couple of times to make sure everything was right, to drop off vaccination paperwork, etc.

The day we put her in for the first day we find out we’ve got a new interim director of the place and they’re searching for another…. great.

Maggie was not happy when ITMama left. We both came and picked her up about 3:30pm… while walking in she seemed all happy, then she recognized us and burst out in tears. It was really confusingly sad but I’m told it’s a good thing.

Maggie seemed very confused at the less than 10 minute car ride home, but otherwise happy. Still seemed to be going even though the report didn’t indicate a nap, and not eating well. A quick baby bath and some food got her in a better mood and we took her to the Shopryland baby pit, which was awesome for about 20 minutes.

At the end of 20 she was walking, sort of stopped, I could tell all energy was gone from the child and that was that. Drove her home, got her some milk, and then put her to bed. She woke up wanting a hug every hour or two from that point on. The day had been too much for the baby and was in her dreams I guess.

The alarm went off at 7am today. It’s not a sound I’m used to waking up to, my normal sound is Maggie mumbling on the monitor. She was out cold when I got up and nearly slept through a diaper change.

Not sure how today will go. I wasn’t part of the drop off. Debating going and getting her now, but still working for the other blogging gig.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.