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Bexco Recall: Franklin & Ben Mason Cribs

Bexco Recall Franklin and Ben Mason CribsThere’s a recall for Bexco Franklin & Ben Mason 4-in-1- convertible cribs due to fall and entrapment hazards. There currently have been 14 reports of the front separating from the side panels of the crib, but no injuries have been reported.


See that “yet” there? I just put it in for dramatic effect.

Anyway, the cribs can go from a nice sleeping space to a nightmarish death trap that will take everything you love away from you. Ok, that’s probably an exaggeration, but do heed the recall lest I have to embellish more.

The remedy according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission is a free repair kit from Bexco.

You can order your free repair kit here.

This is what happens when I write a thing covering a recall while on the phone with a contractor about a rotted out window frame.

Get that Bexco recall taken care of. A crib is where your child spends the most unmonitored time. Some of the things they do while you’re not watching could make this possibility of a problem into a real one.

Paul King

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