Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chair recall after two deaths

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The Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chair recall comes after two deaths that were identical: the child opened the beanbag, crawled in, and suffocated to death on the extremely light foam beads.

The chairs have so far claimed the lives of a 13 year old and a three year old. In both cases the children were found dead inside the chairs.

Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chair Recall

The repair kit is a disabler ring, and can be installed in a couple of minutes as long as you’ve got a pair of pliers.

While you’re waiting for the repair kit to show though, take the beanbag chair away or make sure it’s not used unsupervised.

These beads are not like old-school bean bag beads. These can be easily blown around and inhaled. Think crushed up styrofoam.

Ace Bayou Bean Bag Chairs Recall

I probably would never have assumed a bean bag chair could kill anyone from the contents, but that styrofoam packing stuff is deadly.

You can read full details on the recall at the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website linked below. Good luck, be safe, and keep these out of the hands of unknowing little ones.


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