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Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow review

Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow
This is what inflatable awesome looks like

The Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow is a masterpiece of bouncy-cow related manufacturing that any adult should marvel at. The fact that the baby likes it is a plus, but whether or not she likes it the place has earned a spot in the living room as a centerpiece.

You got a lack of cow bouncy in your life? This inflatable quadruped masterpiece is what you, and potentially your baby require to fill the missing part of your cow-less soul.

First off, the Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow has a thick skin, thicker than most internet commenter’s. Your average baby or adult isn’t going to be able to deflate the bovine bounce toy without a knife, and unless you extremely overinflate the four-stomached menace you shouldn’t have to worry about it exploding.

The only thing that’s a little odd with this is the pump (was included with ours, may not be standard for you,) makes it look like you’re sexually pleasing a cow as you inflate it. I also feel that if the pump (which once again may or may not come with the unit,) just mooed when you inflated the thing it would be a perfect combo of cowness to put you over the edge into a laughing fit.

I’ve got to admit here, I enjoy this cow a lot more than I think the baby does. She likes bouncing on it, but at her present skill level and lowered-appreciation for all things bovine, the Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow doesn’t hold a milk-producing spot in her heart.

There’s also that she’s just a little bit short for it (she’s a long torsoed baby,) and there’s no easy handle for shorter rugrats.

This leads to the downside of the cow:

Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow tipping

While you’d expect maybe 10-20% based on service, the Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow will tip 78% forward. There’s no mechanism to prevent the bouncy cow ride from becoming a rodeo with a baby. Babies at that tilt are going to faceplant, so pillow up front at least.

The tip looks like it’s gentle to the average adult, but when you see a baby come down on the neck of the toy, the cow ass raises and knocks them forward.

Babies don’t seem to handle that very well. At least mine doesn’t.

The only way to stop the tipping is to either hold the head up or the ass down. I’m actually tempted to duct tape the entire cow to a board to prevent cow tipping, however it’s not been that big of an issue yet.


We’re still in the early days of this baby vs cow match. Maggie’s a bit too short to accurately gauge whether or not she’ll be a cow girl, or move on from this life as that song on Willie’s Roadhouse keeps instructing her to do.

If you’re going to let your baby play on this, make sure you figure out which way they’ll tip and provide some cushions to land on. They will throw themselves the first few times they ride the cow train, so be aware it’s going to take a little time and falling before they’re good at it.

I’m not sure it’s the greatest baby bouncer, however it’s a great inflatable cow and I love it.

The  Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow is available from Amazon for $45, and it’s awesome.

4.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.