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Nuby No-Spill Flip-It Cup review

Nuby No-Spill Flip-It CupThe 10-oz Nuby No-Spill Flip-It Cup is perhaps a third-stage bottle, all depending on your baby’s development. It gives a soft flexible rubberish straw to suck on that can’t poke or scratch them, and when you’re done you can fold the straw into a cover that seals the straw and prevents it from leaking.

The main complaints I see on other reviews are that the cap leaks from the sides. I don’t have this problem, even when dropped and full, but I’m not dismissing other people’s complaints here because it seems people either love this or hate this, and the problems listed seem to indicate there might be multiple points of manufacture.

So we’ve got a potentially good or potentially horrible product here. After having been in the baby biz for a while you’re going to find that quite a bit… such as my utter hatred of a certain diaper in a certain size which I’m now convinced were manufactured in hell.

There’s a bit of a learning curve to these cups. The straw has to be chewed on, you have to suck, and the bottle can’t be tipped back as the straw is pulling from the bottom. One of the things Maggie learned when she was first drinking on her own was to tip a bottle back. She also learned to not chew on a straw. These things combine to form a pretty large learning curve.

As a note, I planned to do this review quite a while back and took pictures. Now I can’t find ’em. Blah. Enjoy the Amazon stock picture and perhaps a link to the greatest website ever.

It took her a couple of weeks to get accustomed to this style of bottle, but it works. I think she still prefers the other Nuby bottles, but these are significantly easier for her to drink while in the car, and also get dropped significantly less since she’s not having to tilt to chug in a moving vehicle.

One thing I do notice is when they’re dropped, if baby has pulled any milk up in the straw, there are going to be droplets scattered about. A little more so than her other bottles. This tends to make me only want to use the bottles in the car or when she’s going to be on the ground as they don’t really spill at that point.

She also loves opening and closing the little straw hatch. I’ve got to admit that’s pretty fun too, but it’s not something I would ever do without the baby there… not like I’ve flipped it back and forth a few times for no good reason.. nope… not me.

So, it’s a pretty darn decent cup for a few situations, I think it probably fails as a sippy cup for while they’re eating, it’s a bit hard to learn but if they do it’s worth it (we would swap out cups during her learning if she was getting frustrated, worked pretty well).

So I’m going to rate this on the version we have and our experience, which has been pretty good. Be aware however that I’m pretty sure there are other versions of this cup being manufactured, and if you get one of those that leaks from the straw or side, return it.

Your baby will also need training on how to use this. Keep this in mind before you just chuck the cup. Swap it out with whatever they’re comfortable with if they get frustrated.

The Nuby No-Spill Flip-It Cup is available in a two pack from Amazon for $9.99

3.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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