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Daycare T-5 days

Maggie watching DMB cover
Yesterday while at a local farmer’s market there was a guy playing Dave Matthews Band covers among other things. His audience was babies. You ever think someone thinks “I’m going to move to Nashville to play very good music in a field for an audience of babies.”

It’s 5 days until Maggie once again gets daycare. Obviously the time can’t end sweetly, we’ve got another cold and ITMama and Maggie are currently suffering for it. ITMama’s also daytime care at the moment as I’ve been working ~3.25 jobs to make sure we don’t slip while employment hunt was on.

That hunt is ended, and Maggie’s going back to a room full of children, and it should be one of those sad moments I’m thinking, but this morning with a wakeup at 5-something AM, snot and tantrums due to feeling crappy, and knowing that with ITMama and baby sick I’m next, it sort of has less of a pang.

I think emotions are for people who’ve slept, and since I was woken up multiple times last night I’m just daddy robot today.

Or maybe I’m just happy that she’s going to get to play with kids her own age all day…

The daycare is about 15 minutes by foot from our house, or a 3 minute drive, which means it’s now possible to drop her off, finish sleeping, go to work and get back to a baby that’s played all day with friends and isn’t ticked off and bored.

It’ll also potentially be possible to get a solid eight hours of sleep, which hasn’t happened for a while now due to either baby waking up, audio going funky on the baby monitor, neighborhood noise, insomnia, etc. Although that sleep involves the other parent getting up and getting the baby into baby lockup.

We’re at day 5 of walking now. She’s still getting used to it, but oddly had we known the walking timeframe, we had another daycare lined up as well until they learned she was a scootcher.

Monday Maggie goes in for a partial day, then Tuesday she’s into the grind. Although on Tuesdays and Thursdays she’ll probably be sprung early as those days I’m generally home early.

Just rambling as I’m so tired today.

Paul King

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