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Victor 32 PSI tire pressure monitoring valve cap review

Victor 32 PSI Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve CapWhen it comes to safety while driving, the number one thing for baby is what you do to prevent accidents.

The Victor 32 PSI tire pressure monitoring valve cap is a replacement for your old valve caps that allows you to see whether your tire pressure is getting too low (which among other things can cause blowouts.)

It does this without you having to stoop down, undo a cap, put a pressure measuring stick on the valve, read the measurement, re-screw the cap, repeat three more times, wash hands because they’re filthy now.

This can keep you from suffering a blowout, flat tire, or just wasting gas, money, and tire.

Many modern cars don’t need this due to TPMS, but you could be like me and have a faulty TPMS sensor or transmitter somewhere, or your car just didn’t ship with TPMS, who knows.

The Victor 32 PSI caps go from green to red based on tire pressure. Look at the tires and it’s all green, you’re good to go. Only see red? Tire’s low.

Victor 32 PSI Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Cap
back of packaging

I’ve been using these for the past couple of years and have had zero issues from them. I’ll point out that once they hit Amazon, there are several negative reviews on the caps having let air out or showing green all the time, so make sure to test yours against something that can measure the pressure properly.

If you have the ability to inflate your tires, or have a low tire, test out the caps on it before you trust them to tell you when you’re riding low. My guess is Victor released a bad batch in 2012, which is where all the bad rated-up reviews on Amazon come from, but I don’t want you thinking you’re set and finding out that you’ve got an extremely low tire.

It could be I’ve had an aberrant batch and I’m living in bizarro world where I’ve got the only good set… so beware. You’ve got a lot riding on your tires 😉

Victor 32 PSI Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Cap
Top of packaging

I’ve had friends purchase based on my recommendations and we’ve had no issues so far, so hopefully that was a fluke run. We’re about to test out a new set with the ITCivic shortly.

For me it’s been extremely worth it as I had a rather long streak of nails that it identified before I had a flat at speed. If you get something from a crappy batch, it would be worse than useless. So make sure to check that they’re working and secure before you trust them.

And just for good measure, kick the tires occasionally. Make sure these aren’t stuck.

The Victor 32 PSI Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Cap is available from Amazon for $6.71.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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