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Nuby Super Spout Easy Grip review

Nuby Super Spout Easy GripThe Nuby Super Spout Easy Grip is what we’ve transitioned Baby M off to from her baby bottles, and currently it affords us with the ability to give her a liquid and not have it spill all over the place.

The Nuby Super Spout is easy to grip, and Maggie could pick it up before she could drink from it. It’s also pretty much spill resistant as a dropped bottle will usually not result in more than a couple of drops that had managed to be sucked up past the lock escaping.

Nuby Super Spout inverted nippleThe air locking mechanism is interesting – the main sucking portion (straw) that the kiddo sips from only passes liquids when chewed/nubbed on a bit. Maybe it does when sucking, but I’m not all that interested in trying it out.

When sucking, baby causes a vacuum to be created in the bottle. On normal bottles this requires the baby to unlatch to let some air in, or keep fighting the vacuum. The Nuby Super Spout has a second inverted nipple which allows air to come in but not let milk or juice out, so there should be no collapsed Nuby tops.


Unfortunately, the air intake has a tendency to seal and retain junk between washing, meaning every now and then I see that baby’s got a collapsed Nuby and I have to pop off the lid and massage the air intake because somehow it managed to not get cleaned in a hand wash, and dish washer.

Nuby Super Spout and Coffee Mate
For size comparison, no I don’t feed my baby Coffee Mate, although I bet she would love it

So pay close attention to that – if the thing’s collapsing you’ve got a bit more cleaning to do.

The bottle also takes being thrown into a parking lot pretty much in stride. I don’t feel like seeing how much damage these can actually take but it’s up there.

All in all, as a transitioning bottle it’s great, and if the spout were a little longer and the container a little larger I’d probably think it would be a great exercise bottle.

Maggie didn’t initially like it or understand how it worked, but she’s gotten the idea and can now be trusted in a baby seat with one of these. She’ll get most of it in her, some in her seat, and none in the car, which is all I can ask for.

You can get two Nuby Super Spout Easy Grips from Amazon for $7.99 with free shipping if you’re ordering enough other stuff. At about $4 a pop, it’s worth it.

4.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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