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Maggie’s first Hip Donelson Farmer’s Market

Maggie at the Chubby Bunny Baby Food tentLast Friday, Maggie made a guest appearance at the Hip Donelson Farmer’s Market. No, they really call it that, I’m not being funny. Hip Donelson is their thing.

We were hanging about with ITMama who was working with Chubby Bunny Baby Foods on an otherwise icky-looking day. There wasn’t a terrible lot to do there for a baby, but I did what I could to keep her entertained the three or so hours that we were there.

Mobile art truck at the Hip Donelson Farmer's MarketWhile there was not much for Maggie to do other than people watch and occasionally play with a dog or visiting child, there were some great activities for older kids at this getup.

One of these activities, which I assume Maggie will love in a couple of years, was a mobile art truck.

I didn’t manage to catch the name of the thing, or get more pictures of it due to a little energetic baby attempting to grab my phone and chew on it, but I thought the idea of the place was brilliant.

Maggie loves everything about Chubby Bunny, even the signs

There was another tent set up that seemed to be doing cupcake or cake decorating by kids, but I had to stay far away from there as Maggie was intent on diving for it and I didn’t have enough wetwipes with me to handle the results.

As the day wore on, Maggie wanted to crawl around. This wasn’t particularly a good place to do this as there were too many people and she doesn’t pay much attention to what’s about to bowl her over. We ended up at a little coffee/food joint watching a singer while Maggie surfed from couch to couch.

In the final thirty minutes happy baby had run all out of happy. Things that would generally make her explode into cheers just lightened her face up for a second before finally she went to neutral. Tired baby was tired and she wasn’t getting home for a while yet.

A quick stop at Fletcher’s Pizza to grab some food turned into a 10 or so minute jaunt of watching Maggie not be particularly annoyed that she was in the Snugride and not moving.

As I recall when we got home it was just a matter of unloading her and dumping her into the crib. There was no more day left in the baby. She had fun up until the last hour though, and was not complaining, just tired.

Paul King

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