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Headbutting baby claims first victim

I came home a little early today from work both due to nothing needing me hands on (I work remote a lot,) and also due to not having felt particularly good about how I left things with baby this morning.

Boobie Fett, Bobba Fett, Maggie and not the mama
Boobie Fett, Bobba Fett, Maggie and not the mama

I went out for a ride today when leaving, which means I have a little bit more time to think on these things, and decided that when I returned I was going to see if perhaps baby just wanted to do something verbal as physical seemed to be inherently out of bounds.

I got home, walked up the steps, sort of peeked around the corner to where Kim was feeding Maggie, and she was pretty much done with the pears she was being fed so I came over and ate a couple of the pieces to see if perhaps that would entice her to eat some more, but no.

Two arms raised and an expectant look of “pick me up sir, I require transport” got me to face level with the still-restrained in her highchair baby, and a second later it got me headbutted so hard I a saw flashes for a second.

A good three seconds later, baby proceeded to go into wailing mode, and I got her out of the chair and proceeded to talk to her for the next few minutes in a completely level and normal voice. She’s fine as a note.

Over the course of talking to her for about ten minutes she went from sad to pre-tantrumy to normal to “ok sir, you may place me in my crib I’ve had quite enough of your nonsense.”

Thirty minutes later she’s still snoozing, and I’m working remotely waiting for a server to finish doing a copy.

I’ve decided my attempts at this headbutting tantrum will be to talk to her in a normal tone about whatever is going on, with occasional breaks to tell her what she’s touching or pointing at or distracted by.

I’ll see if this can return my otherwise great baby to great babyhood. If not, it’s on to plan two.

Attached is a picture of her at Star Wars Day yesterday.

Paul King

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