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Baby UnTouch stops baby from breaking out of apps

Baby UnTouch config screen page 2Baby UnTouch is a free app that prevents your baby from doing anything with your Android device while allowing you to enter and exit responsiveness modes very easily.

Baby UnTouch runs as a very small application that sits in your notification bar. Tap it, then the screen, power button, volume, home buttons, etc simply do not work any more. Well, the power button if held will eventually turn off the device on most phones, however you get the point.

The default way to re-awaken input is six taps in rapid succession, however you can adjust tat if you’re not up to that. There also can be a confirmation dialog that requires more work to get past it.

The bottom line though is with Baby Untouch you’re not going to set up a video or music to appease sleepy baby only to have the video/music killed when your maniacal grabby beast pulls your phone and starts praying to the black obelisk screen.

For me it’s very useful when I want to put the selfie-cam on and let baby play with the phone and look into it like a mirror. Tap it on, hand over the phone to the baby boss, and go with it.

Baby UnTouch config screen page 1Before the crowd comes in to chant their mantra “no screens before two years old” lemme just say shut it. If I possessed the ability to bring a 200 pound bag of toys, treats, books, and entertainment apparatuses to any and every event or location I might end up at, I would.

As it stands a 20+ pound baby, five pounds of baby accoutrement, and attempting to not be the sweaty dad necessitate that I use the tools at hand to sooth the savage baby beast, and sometimes that’s showing her an episode of the Chica Show.

This goes significantly smoother if she can touch and hold the phone as opposed to me having to play keep-away with it, which just leads to a very very angry baby.

There are options when the lock is on whether you want to keep the screen on, lock the phone’s orientation, prevent the volume from being changed, and what I beleive is an option to hide a tap indicator, however it’s labeled “hide Tab Indicator” for slightly more advanced babies that can tell when they’re getting closer to unlocking.

While the app itself is free, Google Play reports that it offers in-app purchases. I see no options to purchase anything at the moment, nor any requests for donations even, so my guess is there might be another version coming along with ore features that you’re be able to update to. That or the author decided to not charge anything for this useful app during development.

Whatever the case, it’s worth a look and doesn’t have any completely uncalled for/unexplained permissions, although I do wonder at why it wants the ability to control the phone’s vibration. I can’t think of any reason you’d need that, however I also can’t think of any way it could be used for evil.

Bottom line – free, good app, will most likely keep your baby from breaking out of the app. It will not protect the phone from slobber, being thrown, etc. For that you’ll need to grab a good case.

Try it, you’ll like it. If not let us know why!

Download Baby UnTouch on Google Play

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.