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One year checkup complete

Maggie looking at the worldToday, since we live in a house from 1940, they needed to do a lead test on my baby at her one year checkup. Thankfully she’s unleaded, which considering the effort I put into painting and work on this house was a pretty safe assumption, but they had to do a blood prick just to be sure.

I didn’t know how she was going to handle this, but oddly she was fine. She sucked on a bottle a bit and watched as the doctor drew blood from her thumb without complaint. She also had to have some shots, and while she was not particularly happy with them her crying seemed to mostly be “what am I crying about? why am I  crying? wahhh” after the shots.

They were forgotten in about two minutes other than her being a bit of an exhausted grump, and she passed out in the car and had to be carried in. Well, she always has to be carried in, however at this point I had to hold her head in the right position as she was snoring away.

Maggie at the doctor
Maggie at the doctor

Her molars are coming in according to the doc. I’ve counted 14 teeth and nubbins (eight teeth, 6 nubbins,) and according to what I can find she’s going to top out at 20. So getting close to stopping this teething nonsense. It’s getting tiring for all involved.

She’s 30 inches they said, same weight as the last time we took her which is about 21/22 pounds, but she’s had a couple of days of not eating much due to teething pain, so that’s to be expected.

70th-75th percentile on most things.

While her birthday was yesterday and she had a small celebration at baby jail, the big event will be this weekend and we’re expecting a turnout that’s kind of absurd. Then again the party is divided into a few hours of Maggie’s celebration followed by passed out baby being left to sleep, so perhaps some of the guests are coming to hang with the parents who managed to survive a year.

It’s been an interesting year, I think I’ve got some perspective that I did not have before. I’ve run across the worst people I’ve ever imagined possible on the internet because of baby research, and been called a horrible person as well, and also the worst person on the internet. Ah well.

Maggie’s growing, happy, healthy, and seems to love the world. She’s got one scratch on her and has bumped her head maybe six times. I’m thinking that’s a pretty good track record.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.