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Maggie’s First birthday party

Maggie’s first birthday party was on Sunday (about four days after her real birthday but who cares?) it was gorgeous weather in Nashville and we had about three other little ones make an appearance.

There was an uneventful smash cake:

Some birthday baby barnyard themes:

Hay man, hay, hay
Hay man, hay, hay
Chica's unborn cousins
Chica’s unborn cousins
Cow cake
Cow cake
Wake up sheepcakes
Wake up sheepcakes
Don't hassle the troff
Don’t hassle the troff

Early on with Maggie in her cow suit:

Kim Maggie Lisa


There was some baby party driving

They see me rollin

And very little in the way of upset babies until about 7pm when an abnormally active Maggie reached the end of happy baby. Exhaustion, a tiny bite of sugar, and 24 adults and children who showed up, pushed her into a psychotic “gotta watch them all” frenzy which resulted in a near-meltdown.

But I put her baby ass down and she slept.

And that was that. Tiny bit of cake consumed, she loved all the wrapping papers and attention, and if it were up to her I think that she’d have a party every. She did not care for the happy birthday song too much, but then again I think she’s more used to the Sprout Channel’s version of the happy birthday song.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.