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Maggie turns one today

IMaggie playing with her Yelp swagntrepid part time staff reporter and full-time baby Maggie turns one today. We’re not really doing too much today as it’s the middle of the week and baby has to work tomorrow, but this weekend there’s going to be a party.

In her one year as parents we’ve been terrified that she would stop breathing in her sleep and die of SIDS, this didn’t happen thankfully. We’ve been concerned about her abilities to move (still are a bit but she’s starting to scootch around.) We’ve been kind of underwhelmed at her ability to learn the sign language, or any language, for “large human, feed me!”

Through it all though we’ve been mostly enjoying watching her discover the world, be fascinated by the Chica Show on Sprout and pretty much nothing else, and finally after eight screaming months start sleeping on a regular schedule.

Maggie asleep at two days shy of being one year old
Maggie asleep at two days shy of being one year old

It amazes me right now that it’s only been four months since she started sleeping and making her parents’ nights a night of usually uninterrupted sleep.

No sleep turns a person mean.

As of today she’s headed off to daycare for the day, and then back home to hang out with her Oregon grandpa who’s flying in, and then with her Oregon aunt who’s flying in later, and then with her mom’s Oregon BFF who’s flying in even later. It’s like the ghosts of Oregon birthdays present.

Maggie looking like the Bride from Kill Bill
Maggie looking a little like the Bride from Kill Bill

As is evidenced by the lack of writing on theITbaby as of late, there’s not really been a lot to write about babywise. She’s getting teeth, eating about as well as she’s eaten the past couple of months, starting at one year to scootch around a bit, and can stand on her own as long as she’s distracted and not thinking about it.

She plays with a closed tin of mints and a ball we got from a Yelp Nashville event more than she plays with anything else. And if she throws the ball and it lands just out of reach she’ll scootch to get it, any further than about a foot and she gives up and focuses on more pressing matters.

She also hugs now which is absurdly cute. She also attempts to burp when hugging as she knows that will get a laugh.

That’s Maggie and she turns one today.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.