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SNL Baby Boss 2 does not disappoint

Saturday Night Live called the first one “Office Boss,” and this one “Office Boss Baby,” but neither of them really fit the 40-something year office manager with the coordination and fascinations of a baby, and you searched “SNL Baby Boss” to get here I’m betting so hah. Screw their title.

SNL Baby Boss 2 is pretty funny, at least if you’re a parent. I think if you’re not, or haven’t spent time with young children you might miss the rather amazing physical work Chris Parnell (I’m thinking that’s who that is, it’s freakin’ late and I’m dealing with a cranky teething infant at the moment,) does in mimicking early cognitive and motor development.

Anyway, it’s on Hulu which means you’ll get to spend some quality time with their advertising, but it’s worth it for this sketch, if not for much else on that episode of SNL. Louis C.K. did get a lot of hating on Facebook for this particular episode, but meh, this one sketch was what was funny.

Baby Boss 2

If the embedded video up top doesn’t work for you, you can head over here and hit Hulu’s landing page for SNL Baby Boss 2.

Also, this is post 400 for theITbaby according to the site stats (around 370 by my log,) so yeah, managed to do that for a year.

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