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NUK Gerber Graduates Active Snacker review

NUK Gerber Graduates Active Snacker box and productNUK Gerber Graduates Active Snacker is a cup with handles and a rubber like lid that in theory allows a child’s hands to reach in and grab some food and when their hand is removed from the area it closes up preventing any other food from spilling out.

I say in theory because the first time Maggie got hold of this thing she managed to increase the range of mess from about four feet to ten at first grab and fling.

Basically the thing has become a mess cannon. I appreciate the idea behind it, I think some children wouldn’t realize that they can just grab a side and bypass the purpose of the thing and turn it into a Cheerio distribution system, but unfortunately for me the thing’s pretty much a wash at the moment.

I’m not exactly sure what they could have done differently, the thing is designed well, put together with quality, but it sounds like a rattle and therefor is a rattle, which means catapult for snacks the instant it’s gripped.

The NUK Gerber Graduates Active Snacker is relatively inexpensive but at least in our situation it requires some method to secure it into the baby seat or to an object so it can’t be turned into baby food fight material, and that’s where it fails for me.

It might work for your child, you can pick them up relatively easily, but I sort of feel like any of the littler ones that you might be considering this for are probably going to do what my baby does and turn it into a distance-enhancing mess distribution device.

But it would be great if they didn’t figure that out.

The NUK Gerber Graduates Active Snacker is available from Amazon for $5.22

2.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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