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The new Britax 2014 B-Agile Stroller is out, and it’s not much different

The Britax 2014 B-Agile Stroller is out, and since one of the most visited links on theITbaby is our 10-month long (so far,) review of the 2012/2013 version of the Britax B-Agile Stroller, I had to take a look at it to see the vast improvements they may have made in the past year or two.

The TL;DR version is they didn’t improve much over the Britax B-Agile 2013 version, but there are some differences to note.

Britax B-Agile Stroller 2012 vs Britax B-Agile 2014 Stroller

Britax 2014 B-Agile Stroller recall fixes

First off, and not evident in the picture are they fixed the issues related to the Britax recall from last month. You should no longer have to worry about losing a finger in the hinge. If you haven’t lost a finger and feel the need to tell the world you never lost a finger, feel free. There were one or two amputations and several severe lacerations.

I managed to just get bit by the thing and then was told by a reader that they hadn’t… and then the recall… so yeah.

Britax 2014 B-Agile Stroller looks like the 70’s

While I assume the idea here was to make the thing look sleek and metal, the exposed frame now reminds me of a 1970’s stroller I was lugged around a bit in.

There’s not much other than an aesthetic change here except you have slightly less fabric you have to maintain. Potentially useful if you feed your child in the stroller, but I’m not sure whether it’s a plus or minus when you factor in that there’s a new edge created between the metal and the fabric.

Might be a germ trap, might just be meh. Without sitting in one of these and crumbing crackers and milk into it I’m not going to have an accurate idea… I think the local Babies R’ Us will have a problem with letting me do this.

B-Agile canopy change

As opposed to three parts, the canopy is now two. Looks a little more like an evil baby carriage to me, however it’s also mostly just an aesthetic change.


Other than aesthetic and one safety update, there’s not anything different. You can read our running review of the 2012/2013 version of the Britax B-Agile Stroller if you want. I’m pretty sure it’s the longest running review out there for a Britax stroller, although if there are longer feel free to shoot me a link.

The TL;DR version of that absurd review is some problems, overall liking it.


The Britax 2014 B-Agile Stroller is available from Amazon for $199.00, it’s also available with the B-Safe Travel System for $319.00 if you don’t already have a car seat.

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