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Hello sleepless night, goodbye mood

So I’ve written a bit about the wonders that f.lux and Twilight (not the glitter vampire movie,) have done. I think we’re at 60 days of use now and I’ve had five sleepless nights which under normal circumstances would have been in the neighborhood of 35.

Of those five, one night was due to working on a tablet that did not have f.lux installed, one time Twilight failed leaving me staring at a blueish screen without noticing, one was caffeine related, and two others were unexplained. The three others also included leg twitching enough to make up for all the nights it hadn’t and I ended up with a bum knee.

However other than that I’ve come to adjust to actually getting sleep as a parent of a baby that wakes up and screams in dulcet tones that only I can hear… or at least I wake up pretty easily.

Last night from about midnight until five AM Maggie engaged in a campaign of sleep deprivation measures aimed at making me hate the world. It’s been what seems like ages since I woke up and hated everything, but with my watch reporting three hours and four minutes of sleep and me thinking that’s a serious overestimation my good mood faded.

At eleven I changed her diaper as she’d taken a crap. At one I fed her all the milk she could drink thinking perhaps she was hungry. By two I’d been down seven times to rock her to sleep, find pacifier, etc. At three I gave her some baby meds thinking that she might be in pain even though she wasn’t flashing it.

With bleary eyes at about five AM I woke up to Kim asking if I wanted Maggie brought up. I said yes and tried to relay that I’d been asleep about an hour and a half at this point and baby was delivered unto me.

She then proceeded to use razor sharp toenails and pincer baby grip to attempt to destroy my face for about twenty minutes before I hauled her back to the crib, threw six ounces of milk down her just hoping, and drifted off to sleep resting up for the next attack.

But I realized for as bad as I feel right now, I felt this way for nearly eight months and handled it.

I do fear for anyone who crosses me today. The bear is angered, tired, and running on caffeine and desire for sleep.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.