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Evenflo Snap High Chair review

Evenflo Snap High ChairThe Evenflo Snap High Chair is a fairly inexpensive baby item that you can find in real life if you go looking for it, although it’ll be slightly more expensive if you pay sales tax. It’s a decent idea for a high chair, but not a particularly great one.

The seating seems to be designed to require a baby to be buckled in or face falling out of the chair. While I wouldn’t put baby in the high chair without buckling her, it seems the combo of the slick, easy to clean fabric of the high chair combined with slightly covered diaper makes baby’s ass shoot directly forward the instant she does anything.

During the set up of the thing the little buttons that pop out had to be pushed in using a knife in order to attach the feet to the thing. For two of the four buttons, this means they’re now living somewhere inside without actually helping to hold the frame together.

Evenflow Snap High Chair Amazon photoThis is not a problem due to gravity and the other two, but it does make someone who’s paranoid about getting everything right for baby a little on edge.

My biggest complaint with the unit is the tray. After you’ve gotten baby strapped in you have to get the tray adjusted and placed on rails. There’s usually an infant there with hands in the way, or she’s demanding food, and of course the rails do not want to go on the first try. You’ll require two hands and two working sets of fingers to release both locks and position the tray properly.

I understand it’s probably done this way for a reason, but it’s annoying as all getout. I’d seriously rather use a hinge or some sort of flip-up mechanism as the way it’s set up requires skills. Yeah, skills… I got ’em.

The tray contains another tray that you can pop out for easy cleaning, however you’ll find that although the green interior tray receives the brunt of the mess, the white tray will also end up a disaster. This could have been fixed by making the green tray overlap the white on the side nearest the baby, but they didn’t, and now you get to clean up after it.

All in all this the Evenflo Snap High Chair feels exceedingly average, there are no bells, whistles, or thoughts beyond what a traditional high chair should be. One slight incline at the front of the seat, a quick snap mechanism for the tray, fixing the pop-out-buttons, and a slight extension of the plastic inner tray would have turned this into a very good chair.

It seems if the designers had used it on a child they would have come up with the same conclusions I did, and I can’t imagine it would have cost more than 10 cents on the manufacturing side to implement the changes.

The Evenflo Snap High Chair is available from Amazon for $46.99. It’s probably worth it if you’re only needing a part time or temporary solution. If you’re hell bent on feeding your baby in a chair every time, might want to look elsewhere.



2.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.