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Gift ideas for your IT nerd

nerds-onsieAs I’m getting sixty seven craptons of “gift ideas for nerds” searches today, figured I would provide some links to some things you might want to get your IT/tech friends.

Not completely baby-centric today, but there ya go. I’m tired. Cranky baby = tired me.

Some of these are reviews I’ve done for my other blogging gig, some are things that are just cool to me.

I’ll be editing this throughout the day as I find stuff.

Gift ideas for your IT nerd

Nerd Onesies

Some here, more here, and here (the I.T. Crowd ones), and here, and here

Software/hardware interface for infant nerds

Ubooly KickstarterUbooly – a plush phone holder and a software suite for ages four and up. We haven’t really covered it much because Maggie just wants to eat the Ubooly.

Tiggly ShapesTiggly – shapes to go along with iPad software that allows your child you learn shapes and colors while… well, the software is different, so each thing is a new adventure.

The ArtSee StudioThe ArtSee Studio – I saw this at CES2013 and fell in love with it. I still hold out the hope they’ll send me one some day. And an iPad… because I don’t have one to put in it.



BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth earbuds


HMDX Jam Fusion stereo Bluetooth headset

Baby Wrangling

Infantino Swift Classic baby carrier – allows for using two hands again.

Game consoles

XBOX One day one or standard editions (unless they’re a PS4 fiend)

PS4, although it looks like you’ll be paying out the nose or fighting someone to get one.


Pack of NFC tags – your tech nerd may delight or look at you quizzically depending on the level of nerddom. These allow any NFC-enabled phone to react using an application however you want it.

Applications such as Tasker and NFC Launcher allow you to launch programs, change settings, etc by tapping your phone to one of these.

Shower speaker/rigged baby monitor – The long and short of this is it’s a shower speaker that can take phone calls. You can rig it into a baby monitor if you want to stream the audio from your android baby monitor to it so you can attend to dropped pacifiers while you’re soaking wet.

Powerstation PSX-2 Multi-Purpose Rugged Vehicle Utility Jump Starter – you never know when you’re going to need power for your phone, air for your tires, or a jump start for your car. With the PSX-2 you can pretty much rest assured that you’ve got all those bases covered.

A Roomba. You know what it is. Don’t make me bother explaining it to you.

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