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Up & Up Elf Diaper review

Up & Up Elf Diaper fictionSo we saw this adorable Elf Diaper pack at Target the other day while not shopping for Christmas-themed disposable undergarments. We decided that Maggie would need these in her life for sure however.

Who’s been nice

The diapers (size 3 for us) fit well, are super absorbent, and can make it through a night of sleeping baby pee. The straps properly secure, and there has as of yet not been a leak associated with a diaper failure.

These are great diapers.

Who’s been naughty

Unfortunately the diaper looks like a photocopy of a photocopy that’s been left in the sun compared to the ones in the picture. The picture has vibrant colors, the diaper itself looks like it’s been sitting in the sun for days on end and is a bleached version of what’s on the packaging.

This makes it look like they’ve got striped underwear that’s been in the wash with bleach.

Checking it twice

Up & Up Elf Diaper realityI figured pack one might have been a fluke and didn’t bother commenting on it, then was asked to pick up another festive holiday pack of the diapers and had more of the same non-vibrant washed out print.

If this is the same diaper there’s been a mass photoshop undertaking to make it the one in the picture. I suspect this is the case.


As stated – great diapers in performance, not nearly as vibrant as advertised.

You can get the Up & Up Elf Diapers at Target or online for $6.99. Alternately you could pay a whole lot more for them on Amazon.

3.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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