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SNL Baby Boss will have you in tears

If you’re looking for the latest installment of the SNL Baby Boss series, it can be found over here. If you’re looking for the original it’s below.

Baby Boss

I managed to miss this last night but ITMama told me the SNL Baby Boss sketch was great so I caught it on the DVR this morning and woke Maggie from her morning nap two or three times laughing at her people.

The premise is a financial genius with the body ability of a baby. Sounds stupid, execution is amazing even though they went from baby to toddler once which sort of ruined the perfection that could have been this piece, but oh well.

Watch it, you’ll laugh… or you won’t… I really did wake Maggie up twice laughing at the thing, which perhaps is the only time I can think of lately that I’ve actually laughed at SNL for anything.

Maybe they’ll make this  reoccurring skit and drop some of the time wasting sketches they keep dragging out over and over again.

After posting this I notice the actual name of the skit should be Office Boss, but meh… Baby Boss works better… Office boss, seriously… maybe baby office boss… I’ll just think Michael Scott whenever I hear “office boss”


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