Project Baby Room: step 2

Yesterday we were given a new changing table, which is something that we’ve been wanting for a while as our improvisational table was a little short and my back is a little sucky.

I managed to get the thing over from the neighbor’s house with the aid of a furniture dolly I own for the landlording part of my many jobs with only the slight issue of one of the knobs deciding to hide in an area that I can’t get to without disassembling the thing.

So here’s our current baby room setup which seems to work pretty well for the baby.

Maggie's new changing table

Target 8-hoozie shelf that contains baby books and misc stuff.

Maggie's bed

Other view with the piano

Still a bit of a work in progress, but this is how I spent some of my yesterday and why I haven’t spent much of today on anything other than going “ow”




Paul King

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