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Infantino Swift Classic Carrier review #2: front facing

Maggie, the Infantino Swift Classic Carrier, a llama, and ITMamaSo baby M has been in the Infantino Swift Classic Carrier for a good four months of her life now, and we’ve gone from chest-facing, which I did a review on a few months back, to front facing, which has brought about some new insights to the thing.

During this time I’ve had a chance to see other chest carriers in action, and I’ve decided that for the money this one seems to be pretty good. The front-facing positioning however, leaves a series of new observations and issues.

Infantino Swift Classic Carrier Front Facing

No longer is my chest covered in drool with a cranky infant attempting to nurse at my t-shirt covered hairy man nipples, no now Maggie is pointed out and looking at people, which seems to be her favorite activity other than kicking me in the morning.

Somehow we managed to lose the documentation on how to position the thing for front facing, so I’ll give a word of warning to people to figure out how to attach the drool rag before you go about using it. We never did, and milk drool on a black carrier looks pretty disgusting.

Maggie seems to appreciate being carried front facing, and the complaints she generally has rear-facing were gone. Quiet happy baby most of the times she’s out. Also seems to handle her arms and legs slightly better as she’s no longer kicking me square in the babymaker.

Infantino Swift Classic Carrier cleaning

After about three uses, the front of the carrier is now covered in baby slobber. This is why you should know how to properly attach the drool rag… sadly I don’t… fortunately cleaning up is a freaking breeze.

I stuck it in my washing machine on delicate, it came out clean. Happy times.

Adjustment issues

Infantino Swift Classic Carrier BlackITMama and I are very different sizes. As such when we swap the carrier between us, it’s an event. The adjustments never feel right when you’ve got in on and without a baby in it, and when you have a baby in it it will bind up some times.

It’s not terrible, and it doesn’t bother the baby much, but it is an annoying adjustment system. It’s inexpensive though, so I give it some leeway.

Back issues

The carrier is not balanced for back relief. If you’ve got an aching back you’ve got an aching back plus a baby on it. Such is life. More expensive carrier balance things better and can push some of the weight to your waist. This carrier puts it all on your shoulders.

Worth it?

Yes, as a front-facing carrier for someone without back issues, this is inexpensive, relatively easy to deal with, and worth it for short excursions. For longer hikes probably not.

I have back issues and it’s still mostly worth it although I would consider paying a bit more for better support.


The Infantino Swift Classic Carrier is available from Amazon for $15.88.


3.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.