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Baby slept through the night in her crib – hallelujah!

Maggie at 7.5 months sits and watches as a daycare is built
Maggie at 7.5 months sits and watches construction

Two nights ago from roughly 9PM until 6:15AM with two minor wakeups for pacifier location services, Maggie slept through the night in her crib. Only seven months and 15 days from the time she was born, and only roughly 64 days attempting to get her to sleep, it happened.

The night leading up to it involved a very cranky Maggie, more so than normal, perhaps because she just couldn’t get to sleep, maybe teething pain, I’m not sure. She’s as freaking cranky today as she was last night so perhaps she’ll wear herself out with the crankiness.

Last night, I’m not entirely sure, I believe she slept until 4am but I actually got some hard sleep after another day dealing with an absurdly cranky baby so I don’t know.

In both instances there was a water bottle that was about 80-90 degrees near her. She could move her head about two inches over and at one point she was forehead to bottle.

I know the first night she slept I took the bottle away and re-filled it with hot tap water, last night I did before I went to bed, but not any other time so I’m not particularly sure what happened babywise.

I’m operating under the hope that a 1/8th inch thick water bottle from the 1960s with a topper that’s an inch long and can support my weight is probably not going to burst or leak, but if it does the water in it isn’t all that hot.

Reading up on the risks associated with water bottles generally seems to all indicate that the problem is with overheating a baby as there are no reports of choking hazards, and I don’t think I’m overheating her if the thing’s my body temperature and she can get away from it.

Trying anything new has once again put me in the paranoid parent category, but knowing that baby slept through the night at least once makes me have hope again that someday I will wake up and see her in the monitor sleeping.

At that point I’ll creep down the stairs, and wake her up and in a Nelson laugh go “ha ha!” 🙂

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.