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Baby: seven and a half months in…

Maggie sitting up

We’re a little past seven and a half months into Maggie’s life, and in the past month or so she’s gone from being a baby that enjoys pretty much everything but doesn’t interact much to a giggling curious little human.

Remedy this… now!

She hasn’t really figured out her limits yet and when things are her fault, the environment’s fault, or nobody’s fault, so all opposition is met with fierce requests at top volume to remedy the situation immediately.

Makes more sense than talk radio

Sitting up is happening, along with banging things together, and we think she has her own language as we’re hearing greetings and repeated baby talk. She also likes talking back to NPR in the morning, and still loves Willie’s Roadhouse on XM when she’s in the car with me.

Stuff not happens?

Productwise, there isn’t a lot to report. Same basic stuff, new nipple sets for bottles, still playing with the same toys, introducing new foods every week or so just to make sure we don’t run into anything that she might have an issue with. Not a lot to write about and a couple of new things we haven’t used enough to write about yet.

Festering dish of sickness and love

And of course there’s the petri dish that is daycare. We’ve managed to get sick from her, her get sick from us, and a back and forth of diseases and maladies that have accounted for almost a month of Maggie’s life being ill so far. Hopefully this will change soon enough.

There’s a constant stream of the breast is best that would argue it’s due to lack of breast milk, but it seems that the babies we know that are on the titty tap seem to be as ill or healthy as the powdered brigade. I however have a limited field of vision on this so who knows.

A dish served…

ITMama is currently down due to a stomach bug that evidently worked its way from the daycare laboratory, and I’ve met with the daycare people for the second or third time ever as neither of us were quite capable today of working and taking care of the baby, who probably had this illness for the past two days based on behavior.

It’s an interesting point in life. Have never loved something that kept me awake on a regular basis evidently for sport. Thinking Maggie’s first real word will probably be “Hello” or “moo” based on what she’s yabbering on about.

Seven and a half months in…

I still haven’t slept much at seven and a half months in, still feeling a bit run down, a little heavier than I used to be but it appears to be arm and back muscles and neck fat oddly. Stomach seems unchanged.

Baby’s happy, healthy, got a couple of teeth and an appetite for watered down Gerber baby foods as opposed to the exact same natural versions thereof (which aren’t as watery) – next project: water down the baby food.

Life is good in babyland. Tired, but good.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.