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Parenting Pro Tip: Get a night diaper

Huggies OverNites

I’d written a bit about getting some Huggies OverNites 12-hour diaper a while back, and I can say with certainty now that night diapers are the way to go with a newborn.

They’re not as mobile-friendly as your average diaper, which means that moving around is sort of discouraged, but that’s ok because the baby should be asleep.

They’re a crapton more absorbent than regular diapers, and also a lot larger when you look closely. Since using them we’ve only had one spillover at night and the amount that didn’t spill was epic in itself.

I’m pretty sure the not being soaking wet aspect of the diaper has caused a little more sleep, and it’s also caused a lot less laundry.

Now, they’re not perfect. You might be thinking that you’ll load your little one up in a night diaper and take them for a night on the town with no issues. That’s not the case. The night diapers appear to work best when the child is in a static position (such as sleeping). Too much movement and the diapers will fail, and that’s when ours have mostly failed, when baby M is up and doing something.

The night diapers are not cheap when compared at diaper to diaper against others, they average about 20-40% more. However, keep in mind you’re using one a night, and if you’ve got the right fit you’re not doing laundry on urine and poop soaked sheets every single day.

While I haven’t weighed the things, there have been mornings where I feel the diaper’s weight was in the two to three pound range from my 17 pound baby’s nighttime offerings, and simply changing her diaper has made her significantly lighter.

I’m not sure how other brands fare, but the Huggies we got have been about all I could ask of a diaper, except for the whole mobility during the daytime aspect, I do wish they had that.

So yeah, get a night diaper, realize the diaper count is probably how many nights you’re going to be using it, enjoy.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.