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Nursery Fresh diaper pail refill review

Nursery Fresh Diaper Pail RefillsAfter having sacrificed about $50 to Playtex for a Diaper Genie and some refills for it, and with all the trouble I’ve had with the Diaper Genie, I decided I was not interested in giving them any more of my money and have moved on to the Nursery Fresh diaper pail refill.

Nursery Fresh diaper pail refill vs. Playtex Diaper Genie refills

Price (online)

Nursery Fresh 816 diaper refills: $17.52 on Amazon
Playtex Diaper Genie 810 count refills: $17.99 on Amazon

Nursery Fresh comes out to $0.0215 per diaper disposal cost, Diaper Genie refills are $0.0222 per diaper. So you’re saving about 7/10ths of a cent per diaper assuming that each company is factoring the same diaper-capacity.

I know I’ve never reached 270 diapers in a pail on a Playtex Diaper Genie refill, the most I could possibly claim would be about 120 based on current diaper usage, however since diaper sizes and loads vary so much I’m not particularly enraged, nor do I believe you could have an accurate count.

Winner: Nursery Fresh diaper pail refills


Nursery Fresh diaper pail refill canisterI’ve got to say, the Playtex Diaper Genie container is much nicer looking, but the Nursery Fresh diaper refills work exactly the same as far as I can tell. In case you can’t tell right off the bat, the Diaper Genie refills are more like a salsa bowl, and the Nursery Fresh diaper refills are more like an air filter for a car.

Bag quality

If someone wants to tell me they’re exactly the same bag I won’t doubt it, however I thought that the Nursery Fresh diaper pail refills felt slightly heftier than the Diaper Genie refills.

Not that I’ve ever had a bag breakage problem with any refills.


You can tell the difference in initial bag feed, the Diaper Genie refills go a little bit easier right at the start, but afterward there’s no difference I can tell.

One point against the Nursery Fresh diaper pail refills are that the instructions indicated to remove a piece of plastic or covering from the top that was not present in the ones I got. On mine you just pull the bag out and start using. So there’s that.

If you’re looking for a replacement that’s slightly less expensive and built as well or better than the Playtex Diaper Genie refills, there’s no reason not to get the Nursery Fresh diaper pail refills.

4 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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