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Infinitoy recalls Softimals Toy Sets due to choking and aspiration hazard

Infinitoy SoftimalsInfinitoy Inc. is recalling the Super Safari Set model #30025 and the Deluxe Circus Train Set model #30040 due a choking/aspiration hazard with the tiny plastic hats on Safari Sam and Mighty Mike.

So far there have been no injuries, although one 18-moth old did attempt to ingest the thing.

You’d think at this point toy companies would realize that tiny plastic anything is going to be eaten by children, but no…

You can contact the company (Infinitoy) for a free replacement character, but in the meantime your toys are going to have to go hatless if you want to minimize the risk.

Infinitoy’s recall information can be found here. Or you can just give them a call at 888.558.0933 9am-5pm PST, or email them at [email protected].

Full details of the recall can be found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website, or just look above and you’ve got pretty much all you need to know.

Paul King

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