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Up & Up gentle infant formula with iron review

Up & Up gentle infant formula with iron

After Baby M was sick for so long, her stomach decided to go ahead and stop processing dairy very well. We were initially told by the pediatrician to switch to a soy-based formula for a couple of weeks until she got better, and after that did its job we went back to what we had and it didn’t work. We got some Up & Up gentle infant formula with iron and that has done the trick for gas and some fussiness for the past two containers.

Up & Up is the brand sold mostly at Target. We pay between $16 and $19 in store in Tennessee, your prices will vary I’m assuming. Wife says $22, so it’s 22.

There’s only so far I can go in a formula review other than to say that for my particular little milk gobbler who’s not particularly picky, she goes through this without complaint. There’s usually less gas, less spit up, and less random freakouts while she’s been on this, however in all fairness that could just be due to her aging and her stomach maturing.

So, as a baby formula – YAY! (most likely)

Up & Up gentle infant formula packaging rules

Up & Up gentle infant formula

One of the neater things about this is some thought and care went into the packaging. You can unseal, open, and scoop with a wet hand while holding a baby and not get a milky hand in return.

Up and Up packaging

First off, the initial seal can be removed with just a tug. They even have a ring that you can use to pull the tear-strip around the foil, and the scoop is located on the non-power dry side of the equation.

Up & Up gentle infant formula open

After you’ve got the canister open, there’s a ledge with a holder to keep the scoop high and dry so you’re not digging around in formula with wet hands attempting to grab a scoop.

All in all the thing’s really well thought out, when you can get the stuff in-store less than $22 for 36 ounces it rules as the best price. However you’re going to find on Amazon is about $20 a can which is a little bit of a savings.


Since nobody seems to post high res pictures of the packaging so you can see the ingredients, here’s the late 2013 packages:

Up and Up RDA chard Up&Up formula packaging Up&Up baby formula ingredients

Click to seriously enlarge. I skipped the front and bottom of the box as the front’s up top, and the bottom is just a date.


Approx 261 fluid ounce yield. Cost per ounce is about nine cents USD ($0.08735).

261 fluid ounces is:

  • 130 2-oz feedings ($0.18)
  • 65 4-oz feedings ($0.36)
  • 43 6-oz feedings ($0.52)
  • 32 8-oz feedings ($you do the maths)
  • 26 10-oz feedings ($I’m tired)


4 / 5 stars     

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