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The day of many issues

Outfit #3

It’s 9:40am. Today I decided to take Kim’s car into work as the oil change place is three blocks away and Zippy Jr. needs it, and today is also the day I have Maggie with me at work.

Fine, thought I. It’s raining a bit, but should be gone by the time I get to Honda.

I forgot that Maggie was now Gracoless in Zippy Jr,  and ITMama had just taken the umbrella out of her car as I traditionally do not use the things.

Honda offered to give me a ride the three blocks to work, but getting the car seat moved seemed more trouble than it was worth, so I loaded M in her Britax stroller, popped the hood, borrowed an umbrella and started walking.

The rain was nothing more than mist, but that didn’t stop it from bothering Maggie a bit, so I popped the umbrella and attempted to shield her from the mist. This didn’t work out so well, so I eventually turned the stroller around so the mist would hit the back of it and dragged her backwards up the hill.

A random man across the street on a break started yelling over at me that he saw what I did… and I wondered what he was smoking, as I can’t think of any offensive gesture that turning a stroller backwards could possibly imply to anyone. He yelled a couple more times that he knew I saw him, I nodded and kept on as I had no clue who this person was.

I was not too worried as, well, I was in possession of an umbrella, witnesses, a whacky-ball, and some other means of protection. I was also in possession of a serious amount of distance. His friend also seemed to be poking him as if to say “dude, you’re not going to pick a fight was a man for turning a stroller around.” It was just a bizarre start to the work day.

I discovered when I got to work that the stroller canopy might have sufficed, but I didn’t pull it out all the way because I incorrectly thought it was.

Get to work, put Baby M down in her baby fight pit, walk to my desk and sit down to check email. Smell something. Skip the email check and go back to M. At this point she’s been in the outfit and diaper she’s wearing, which was the second of the day, for approximately 50 minutes.

Diaper has failed and the outfit is done for. Took her to the bathroom as I realized this change was more than I wanted in a server room. Lot of loud squealing in the office as she decided it was time to tell me how much she did not appreciate a room temperature wet wipe on her back.

Got her situated in Outfit #3 the iPood onesie (now too small for her evidently, we must have blinked,) I handed her off to accounting for a minute so I could hit the bathroom, got her back to the office and smelled fruit.

Outfit #3 now was multicolored, her pants are unusable, and her socks just look silly without pants…

Oddly I have a backup for the backup and that will be going on her shortly – sort of waiting for these burps to die down or the dealership to call about the oil change.

10:38am so glad I didn’t change her outfit yet. Diaper filled with poo #2 came along, and out. Double diaper fail today, which is pretty odd as the first wasn’t an excessive amount of pee and this.. this was madness.. this can be excused, the first fail diaper no. Had she been changed we’d be out of outfits at the moment.

So, we ran through travel provisions for wet wipes. I basically gave M a bath. Luckily I kept a Costco stack of ’em at my office.

As the day went on we went through five outfits. Three diaper failures, and a baby who would not sleep for anything. She woke up the next day with the sniffles, so either she’s sick or fall allergies. I’m not sure…

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.