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Zoodles survives beyond your phone


A while back I had an HTC One for a couple of weeks on loan from the PR firm that occasionally interacts with me about HTC products, during that time I wrote a bit about Zoodles which is a kid-mode for your device that allows you to restrict content, record stories, and do plenty of interesting things for your child.

I’m pretty sure I’m about a fourth string reviewer as it was months after the initial release of the device that I got my hands on it for a series I did at Pocketables, but oh well. C’est la vie.

Well, ITMama had to have a phone upgrade recently, her HTC EVO 3D managed to have a nervous breakdown with the SD card (thinking it’s a battery voltage issue,) and we got her the One as a replacement as I wanted to be able to have decent pictures of my baby.

Imagine our surprise when on her brand spanking new phone the settings and recorded story from the HTC One from the PR firm were there. Ok, if you imagined us actually surprised you’re overestimating my amazement, we were actually sort of “oh, that’s neat, it carries from device to device.”

It’ll be interesting to see if parents who are on business trips start recording stories to their children in a hotel room in England and at bedtime in Tennessee their kid gets to get a story read to them by their traveling parent who’s time shifted by several hours.

This does raise a bit of a privacy concern as if your account gets hacked, a hacker now had the name of your kid, video of you reading to them, and probably a pretty sizable chunk of information. On the other hand, when one device breaks you’re not having to start back at the beginning.

You can read more about Zoodles on their website.

Paul King

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