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Simplifying baby tasks with Google Keep’s location based reminders

Google Keep web interfaceEver get to the store and forget what you need? Or have a list you want picked up when your significant other is out at the store and you don’t know when you’re going to be there and don’t know how the list might change? Google Keep can help you with that.

Google Keep allows you to take notes, keep lists, take pictures, record audio, and have these notify you if you want at certain times or when you’re near certain areas.

An example is a shopping list that pops up when you’re at the grocery store, but there are plenty of other options.

The cool thing about this is that you can edit the list from a computer, which means that if you’re at home and want to modify the list that your runner is going to see when they hit the grocery store, you can do that from the Keep interface in Chrome, or perhaps in Google Drive soon from what I’ve read.

You can also have lists that are checkboxes and can see as things are checked off a list from both the phone and web versions of the app, so you could theoretically watch as someone completes the list and text them helpful hints for finding the items that are not checked off as of it. However the note taking doesn’t seem to be quite real time, it appears you could be a couple of minutes behind on phone to computer. Computer to phone seems to take abut eight seconds.

Google Keep box view Google Keep checkbox view

It’s a great little feature that works on most current Android phones, is free, and probably works as well, or will work as well for iOS but I don’t see the app listed at the moment. Honestly after last night’s one hour snooze-a-thon the fact that I’m writing is fairly impressive.

The best part about it, it’s free. Just another Google Product being amazing and working its way into our lives.

With the rollout of Google+ leaving work notification, you can probably be reminded to go pick your kid up by your phone soon enough.

Download it free at Google Play

4 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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