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MAM Night glow in the dark pacifier review

Mam night glow in the dark pacifierSo, you’ve got your night vision-enabled baby monitor or gently loved Android phone with either the IR filter removed or an IR light going to provide night vision for your baby monitor. You’ve got a baby sleeping in a crib. You’ve got a baby who wakes up when the lights turn on. You need the MAM Night glow in the dark pacifier or similar.

The idea here is you go into a darkened baby room who’s fussy because her pacifier has been flung somewhere and the only thing you see in the crib is glowing. From there on out it’s just a simple matter of finding the baby’s mouth, which is surprisingly easy since they turn to suckle anything, and popping it back in.

The idea doesn’t quite translate as easy as it should, you’ll need to be in a darkened room before you enter the baby’s darkened room in order to pick out the faint glow of the pacifier, but that’s something you discover pretty quickly. I guess you can also sneak into the baby’s dark room and keep your eyes shut until they adjust. Whatever the case, these things are worth it.

The pacifiers are for 6+ month olds, although Baby M started on these size when she was in her 4th month about to turn 5th. And as I state in pretty much every pacifier review now, your baby may or may not like these pacifiers, so don’t buy a bunch of them unless you know for sure.

Baby M loves the Mam brand pacifiers, all of them. I swear I haven’t been bribed to give these testimonies, my child is just a picky pacifier freak. I’ll add if anyone does want to bribe me, let me know.

These pacifiers have some sort of bumpy segments on the inside that seem to trigger M to start pacification mode, I’m not really sure what the deal is but with smooth ones like the Playtex pacifiers I reviewed recently, she just does not equate that to a pacifier. I don’t know, your baby may vary.

Any way, these nighttime pacifiers are great, you shouldn’t need to many of them as they’re generally going to be a baby room pacifier, so a two-pack of them should handle you, although they do have a three-pack that is two normal ones and one nighttime pacifier you might want to consider.

They also have little breather/vomit holes. I’m not sure but I believe this may make your baby’s face slightly less sweaty/spitty after pacification, but I’m not sure as my baby really hates most other brands of pacifiers.

The one thing you’ll need to remember is these pacifiers need to see light, be that incandescent or daylight, in order to recharge the glow power. Pretty sure CFL and LED bulbs do not charge these things, but I’m not an expert on glow pacifier recharging.

The MAM Night glow in the dark pacifier two-pack is available from Amazon for $7.49. There’s also a three-pack that includes one glow-in-the-dark pacifier available from Amazon although I’m failing to locate it at the moment. Pretty sure Target had slightly better prices on these also, so if you’re near one might as well pick them up there.

5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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