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Maggie had her first Chubby Bunny Baby Food

Maggie eating Chubby Bunny Baby Food
This taste in my mouth, what is it?

Something that sort of got dropped as me and the wee tyke have been sick for a while is that Maggie had some Chubby Bunny Baby Food last weekend. She had something called Beattylicious, which was peaches, acorn squash, and fresh basil.

While we’re not entirely sure what Maggie thinks of solid foods, she has done a good job of attacking the Chubby Bunny Baby Food that we’ve been giving her, and her tasteless rice gruel in a bag we got her also, which is not tasty. I’d prefer she have the tasty personally 😉

Maggie at Chubby Bunny
Jemina Boyd and Maggie at her first Farmer’s Market

That’s about it. If you’re in the Nashville/Franklin area drop in and check where Chubby Bunny Baby Foods is set up this weekend. They have free samples, although no free bibs, so if you’re going plan on packing a bib or bringing home a messy child.

You can also catch updates from them over on Twitter @ChubbyBunnyBebe if you’re so inclined, or Chubby Bunny Baby Food on Facebook

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