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Dealing with a fussy baby (sickness week 2+)

Pre-angry babySo, we’ve been dealing with a sick and insanely fussy baby lately. She got the sniffles a week or so ago and they came and went and now we’ve got this little snot monster who occasionally waits… I won’t say she sleeps, more like waits to start crying.

Since she got sick she’s become the clingiest baby I’ve ever encountered going from happy to wailing just by being set down so you can prepare food. I’m not entirely certain how to handle this particular child as this is not the path she was set out on, and it’s also keeping both me and Kim awake at all hours because the baby will not sleep without human contact.

This has lead to a couple of nights of her sleeping on me and turning into a raging pool of sweat, which I can’t imagine is good for a somewhat sick baby to be.

Talked to the doctors, have been told there’s no need to bring her in until she gets to the point where she stops playing or seems in actual misery. As it stands she smiles, laughs, plays, has near constant diarrhea, but eats well and is healthy other than sniffles and the scoots.

Although I was able to function at work today, it was mostly due to everyone wanting to hold the baby. Which is useful as all getout when she’s this needy.

I’m not exactly sure what my plan of attack on the neediness is… I’ve tried swaddling to get her to sleep, but she seems to understand that if she’s not over 100 degrees pressed onto my side that she’s not being loved the right way.

I’ve got to say though the near constant wailing has lead me to just not react with any emotion. Not a particularly great streak of days. She just finished up wailing because she spat out her pacifier for the third time.

Sick babies suck

Paul King

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