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Be Amazing! Toys Monster Science Growing Spider recall due to ingestion hazard

Monster Science Growing Spider recallSo, who here thinks it’s a good idea to put something into the hands of a small child that can absorb 800 times their weight when placed into water or stomach acid and looks like a gummy candy? That’s what the Monster Science Growing Spider recall is about today.

The Be Amazing! Monster Science Growing Spiders evidently are marble sized, edible, and can expand to the size where it requires surgery to remove from the intestines it’s now blocking, of which according to the CPSC there has been one noted incident with an eight-month-old.

The product was sold at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores from August of 2011 until August of 2013, Spirit Halloween stores, and Target from September to November of 2012.

You can call Be Amazing! Toys toll from at 877-798-9795 M-F 9-5 ET, or visit them online.

In the future companies should ask themselves: can this be swallowed? Does it expand? Would it block the intestines of a small child? If so, perhaps put much larger warnings, or just make the things very much larger so there’s no resemblance to jelly beans, which is what those spider eggs look like.

Paul King

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